About Me

Who I am

My name is Martin Vodvářka and I make beeswax candles.
I’m not a perfectionist, I take life and things in it as they come.

Where I’m from

I’m from a village in a beautiful country around Moravský kras. For over 12 years I’ve been living in Brno city that became my home and also a place of creativity.

My family

Together with my girlfriend we raise a 12year old son and we live in Brno – Bohunice. When time allows, we often go to nature and we love sightseeing (especially castles and their ruins).

Why I make candles

My original profession is ceramist. I’ve always liked creating different miniatures, figures and in beeswax I’ve found everything I needed. Additionally, since I was small, I’ve always had great respect for fire which helps but can also cause harm. Candles can also be used for many things.

Why beeswax

I like nature and my own condition was that if I am to make candles, then only from a natural material – beeswax. It is made without destroying nature or our homes, it looks naturally, it smells wonderfully and it has many uses.

How I make candles

Making candles is love with feeling connected with art. In every product, there’s a piece of me, my patience, my desire to create it to perfection.

My plans for future

To improve in making candles, to create new interesting products and to listen to you – my customers.

My motto

Do your craft so well that others would like to see the results of your work again and again… and again.